Zero Accidents

Work performed by GreenWood is conducted with an emphasis on safety in all areas. The prevention of incidents and injuries is an on-going mindset. Every employee understands the critical importance of producing outstanding job results with zero accidents. We take pride to ensure our work environments are the safest they can be. Training and education for personnel at all levels - from the office to the plant or facility - means we maintain a safety mindset in all behaviors. To you, that translates into confidently knowing GreenWood, Inc. gets the job done right.

Safety Approach

At GreenWood, safety is a priority in everything we do and it is the common thread woven through all levels of management and project personnel. Ultimately, our goal is zero accidents which means everyone must do their part to prevent incidents, accidents and injuries. To provide a visual for this ongoing commitment, our “Safety Ascension – Drive to Zero” illustration gives an instant view of our approach to work place safety. Each level within the illustration offers a purpose to reach our performance goals and commitment to continuous safety excellence.
GreenWood, Inc. is a Women-Owned business. WBENC Logo